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People today are more informed and that makes them look for better quality in the products they consume or get more information about the characteristics of the product, so this has opened new trends in the coffee market, achieving improvements in the production areas and handmade flavors at the time of the cup, achieving an increase in coffee or decaf coffee consumption, such as:


It has managed to establish a price in general, trying to put a good price on the market.


With the news media available, specialty coffee has been made to reach coffee shops, leaving new flavors for consumers. This opens up new opportunities to have coffee from different destinations.


Currently, coffee consumption is benefiting from the consumption of so young that it has shown interest and its different ways of drinking it, achieving a 44% increase in its consumption.


Because the office has become the space where we spend more than 8 hours a day energy drinks are part of the early stimulation and coffee is a drink that is already essential in the work area either to encourage staff or prevent them from losing time to go for one.


With the varieties of coffee blends and different extraction methods, each person can enjoy their personalized coffee and generate new trends.

From now on we hope you start to taste more the flavors that your cup provides and know how many people you support indirectly.

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