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Stress is what you feel when you are very worried, nervous, or upset about something. That worry that occupies your mind can make you feel bad, affecting your body. Perhaps you are angry, frustrated or scared - and that can give you a stomachache or a headache. I read in a book that talks about the treatment of stress with NLP that I leave you here the following, Carlos and Juan, who are around forty-five years old. They are both married and have two children of the same ages. They work in the same company in similar positions. Furthermore, they live side by side. The two of them get up one morning to find that they don't have hot water ...

Carlos.- He begins to curse, to despair, to shout, to go from one place to another without knowing very well what to do; logically he wakes up his wife to tell her and complain about this great misfortune; your blood pressure and heart rate go up; one cigarette after another is lit
Juan.- He lets out a curse from his mouth, he takes a moment to breathe deeply and compose himself, he stops to think for a moment what is the best thing to do and decides to go check the heater; This does not start when you open the hot water tap and since you do not understand heaters, you decide to call the technical service with which you have a maintenance contract; within three hours you have the problem solved; meanwhile she continued to dress up the best she could and get ready to go to work. Understand that, although we do not like these situations, they are things that can happen and give thanks for having a house like the one you have with all its comforts.
                                Going to work 
Carlos.- He hurries until the last moment to go to work, so if he finds a lot of traffic or a traffic jam, he despairs and continues with his string of curses
Juan.- He prefers to go early in case he comes across this problem, taking it easy.
If an unforeseen event arises at work, a new project is announced or any circumstance that is out of the routine
Carlos.- He comes back with his snorts and curses (although then he fulfills as the best)
Juan.- Take a deep breath and take a moment to think and decide what is the most appropriate response to that situation.                      
                                If we see them walk 
Carlos.- It looks like a stiff stick in motion.
Juan.- It is more harmonious
                                In your conversations 
Carlos.- He complains about anything (the government, the economy, the weather, the fact that his soccer team is going as it is, his children, his mother-in-law ...), worried about how the company will go in the future, etc.…
Juan.- Give thanks for having a job and a family, understand that nature has its cycles and that sometimes it rains, and sometimes it is cold or hot, that your soccer team can sometimes win and lose others and that life in it, that each one has his character and his way of thinking
                                In sickness 
Carlos.- He is being treated for high blood pressure, gastritis and insomnia
Juan.- Remember, he caught the flu two years ago and since then he has not visited a doctor again. And it's not for bad or good luck
Carlos.- He decides to have his usual coffee in the afternoon from one to three cups
Juan.- He decides to consume his decaffeinated coffee because he knows that it has the same flavor that he likes, and it will not affect him at bedtime.

What happens to Carlos and Juan has to do, to a large extent, in how things are taken, the meaning they give them and the response to them. As we see in the previous story, there are people who tend to have a drama because things simply do not go their way. Understanding this story a little, we put the topics 3 points in which drinking decaffeinated coffee at certain times of the day could help you enjoy your cup of coffee:

1. Helps treat anxiety problems
A study carried out by the Harvard School of Public Health and published in the journal Circulation, indicates an inverse association between the intake of decaffeinated coffee and the risk of suicide, which would have antidepressant effects.

2. Great support for liver health
Based on a study developed by the National Cancer Institute of Bethesda (USA), the liver is also benefited by both decaffeinated coffee and normal coffee because they lower liver enzyme levels.

3. Reduces the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes
Consuming decaffeinated coffee reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes according to a study developed by scientists at the University of Sydney (Australia). The reason for this benefit would be found in the high levels of antioxidants that decaffeinated coffee is made of and the production of chlorogenic acid, which minimizes the production of glucose in the liver, which regulates blood sugar levels. 

In turn, keeping type 2 diabetes at bay means reducing the risks of kidney dysfunction or chronic inflammation.
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