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DESCAMEX leaves at your fingertips a brief explanation of the benefits of a decaffeinated coffee that not only has unique properties in its cup, but maintains its flavor, its body and its unique aroma

1.-Vitamins- Has a significant amount of vitamins (B2 and B3)

2.-Minerals that support your health- This mineral helps you to have a good renovation in your blood cells, memory, equilibrium, cardiac problems, etc.

3.-Delay old age- Has antioxidants that prevent cellular oxidation.

4.-Leave anxiety aside- Coffee decaf don't have caffeine and the body is free of caffeine alteration

5.-Hearth healthy – When the body don ́t have the caffeine alteration and the heart don ́t have the problems for the excess of caffeine.

6.-Better Digestion – Coffee Decaf can help with the digestion problems

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