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With the technological advances the people can have the information in your hands and with this they find the attributes more easy and the quality they have in the products they consume or have more information about the market and who can have their preferential product.

These advances open the door to do better things with the coffee and the costume, I write for you my COFFEE LOVERS, and put this point:

  1. BET FOR SUSTENABILITY: With the digital media the producer can put this price in the hands of roasters and this can help to the market to have a good price and quality.

  2. SPECIALTY COFFEE: With the digital media the people now know the differences in the process of the farmer process and can buy a new coffee within his new qualities.

  3. YOUNG PUBLIC: In the New Year the Millenniums are the responsibilities of the increment of consumer of the coffee in a 44% and this put in the market new tenders.

  4. GOOD COFFEE IN THE WORK: People pass more than 8 hours in the work and need a good drink in this break for this and thanks to the technologic advances they can have a good coffee.

  5. FOR EXPERIENCE: With the different methods in the extract of coffee, the people learn more about drinking coffee and a new flavor

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